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Studio musician for various projects, from classical to ethnic, eastern electronics to rock.

In 2002 he became a member of the band "Cosmic Orient", while they toured through Europe, they made stops in the Stellwerk in Berlin, at the Asian Festival in Barcelona, at the Kunsthalle Schirn Frankfurt and the Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt. In 2006 the band produced their first CD "Cosmic Orient 1".
In parallel, he continued to play with his first band "Shiva Force" (East-West con-fusion) in the genre of the Asian Underground in various clubs in and around Frankfurt.

Solo projects:
music accompanied by readings such as "The Earthquake" by Martin Mosebach, staged reading of Tagore with Sylvia Raabe, Theater Gerlich-Raabe.

Since 2009 an intensive collaboration with the author Cyril Moog. Whose book "META_MORPHOSIS" led to a common multi-media project in the style of an event-trailer which was performed at various events and readings by the author with live music by Bernhard Faltermeier and has been nominated at this year's Cosmic-Cine-Festival.
The CD / DVD "META_MORPHOSIS" will be ready very soon.


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